January 17, 2010/0

Black Belt Magazine 1968

Check out the kick boxing article starting on page 14 – “Kick Boxing – The Mixture of Mayhem” sounds familiar. This is a must read article for fan of Knock Down Karate and Thai Boxing. It also gives light to how Kick Boxing got started in Japan.

On page 45, the famous Japanese-American Judoka, Hayward Nishioka wrote an article about a Judo Competitor by the name of Toshiyuki Seino & a very detail description of Hane Goshi. I will add more links as Google Book doesn’t not have embedded hyperlink yet

Finally check out page 68 and advertisement “We can make you very glad you never got married” I find this ad a bit disturbing !!

If you have slow internet connection, it might take  few minutes for the Google Ebook to show up on your computer
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August 10, 2008/0

The Brazilian Kick

Made famous by K-1 fighter Glaube Feitosa
No one said that Brazilians invented it. It’s just commonly called Brazilian kick in the kick boxing scene, because Brazilian Kyokushin guys like Filho and Feitosa were the first to have success with it in K1.
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