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How to Kick Someone’s Ass: 246 Practical But Not Always Legal Ways to Take the Bastards Down

by E. R. Silverman
“A drunk giant comes charging at you in a bar.”
Go with a roundhouse kick, Judo hip throw, or Karate punch to bring him to the ground.

“Your cheapskate neighbor refuses to pay you back.”
The next time he’s on vacation, turn on his backyard hose. By the time he returns home, his yard will be a swamp and his water bill will be through the roof.

“Some juiced-up meathead starts trouble at the gym.”
Take him down to size with an Aikido wrist twist.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat–or kick someone’s ass. In this rough and ready field guide, you’ll find 365 ways to nail the bastards who try to get you down. Written under an alias by a man who’s been there, done that, and lived to deny it all, this is all you need to protect and avenge yourself against every possible threat–be it physical, emotional, psychological, financial, or otherwise. From cue balls and steel-toed boots to spiders and Krazy Glue, you’ll find an amazing array of household weapons and tactics designed to put that moron in his or her place once and for all. Read more

December 24, 2010/0

Defending the Strikes from the Guard

Learn how to defend against a being hit while guarding someone. This is an instructional comic book from world re-known grappling instructor Stephan Kesting.

But the problem is that many grapplers get so wrapped up in the technical details of the sport that they forget about the combative aspects of the art.

Yes, grappling is a sport, but it’s ALSO a martial art! Read more

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Thank You

Just a note to thank you for such a thorough lesson yesterday. I really appreciate your patience, consideration, and extra work with me. You are a gre …

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Keysi Fighting Method

I am a huge fan of Keysi Fighting Method. In the last 6 months there have been more videos on Youtube about Keysi Fighting Method. Check out my dedicat …