July 9, 2010/0

Fusion Fitness iFit Introduction Seminar

Don’t miss the opportunity to train with the founder of Fusion Fitness iFit. Fusion Fitness iFit is a progressive training system. The first training seminar will cover iFit principles. In the future, more seminars – including Instructor Levels will be available. This particular introductory seminar will cover full body exercise basics, body type for better results, flexibility for weight management and healing as well as basic anatomy and pressure point study. Functional Fusion iFit ™ Fusion iFit was developed by Sonie Lasker, a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Karate World Champion, while she was experimenting with more efficient ways to train her clients in a systematized pattern that would allow for diverse micro cycles and personal growth within the training style. MS. Lasker combined applied physics, intrinsic geometry and bio-mechanics with Traditional Martial Art principles to create muscular overload without compromising the integrity of the skeletal system. She called this […]